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10,000 Touches a Day

10,000 Touches a Day

Getting 10,000 touches a day on the ball is easy. Getting 10,000 functional touches a day on the ball is a different story. The philosophy behind the methodology is to mimic movements, skills, and recruit sequences that will undoubtedly be used in meaningful competition. A technical workout of this heavy of a workload requires mental toughness, persistence, application, discipline, and above all – consistency. These workouts are time-consuming but they are manageable if a player makes the time to complete them. I do not suggest any single way to complete the workouts so long as they are done with the right attitude and goal in mind. Some players will opt to do a chunk in the morning and finish the rest in the evening. Others will dedicate more time to complete the entire workout. The beauty is a player can do them (or not do them) at their own pace and schedule.

The following workout is for the player on the serious developmental path. The time it takes to complete this workout is less important than the quality of each set. Be smart, work hard, and be consistent. The average player will not do this workout – don’t be average. Be great.

Workout Variation I

1000 Passes (wall or partner) – one-touch 500/each foot at match-realistic tempo

500 juggles/keep-ups

10×50 (25 each direction) Cruyff turns = 500 reps (250 each foot)

500 pendulums

500 toe touches

500 V-Turns forward (250/each foot)

500 V-Turns backward (250/each foot)

1000 Dribble patterns at pace (free dribble, touch the ball every step, incorporate cuts, turns, and skills)

Break: 5000 reps

1000 passes (wall or partner) – must take three-touches (1 pass should equate to 4 touches)

10×100 juggles/keep-ups at pace or as fast as possible (AFAP) (ball should be under control and player should be

thoroughly engaged and be able to exceed 100 reps here)

250 outside cuts/chops at a cone with Right foot

250 outside cuts/chops at a cone with Left foot

500 toe-touches while moving ball forward and backward (drag back and pushes)

200 Cruyff turns (100 each foot with CLEAN technique, sell the move by faking a shot or cross)

200 juggles/keep-ups (AFAP)

50 lateral ball rolls with Right foot, 50 lateral ball rolls with left foot = 100 touches

1000 Speed dribble pattern (one touch every [other] step) – incorporate turns, chops, cuts, turns, and skills

500 pendulums at pace (move forward and backward)

10,000 touches


10,000 Touches Workout Notes (continued)

The following another variation of the workout mentioned in the article featured in www.thesefootballtimes.co and on The Guardian. This workout along with numerous other variations were workouts I developed, modified, and executed on a regular basis as part of my supplemental development. These workouts were performed year-round and became part of my repertoire. Below are a few things you should keep in mind as you implement this type of methodology in your training.


1. A target objective – Identify the tangible need to adopt this training approach. It’s difficult at first and it’s time-consuming.

2. Identify your weaknesses – Recognize ways you can convert these weaknesses into strengths that transfer to match play.

3. It’s not fancy. These are technique-building, foundational movements. Later workouts are far more intricate and elaborate. These are simple, touch-building exercises.

4. Training speed vs. Match speed – Start slow. Rehearse the each movement/skill then convert each
movement to a match speed instance.

Time Demands to complete workout (approx.)

a. Advanced –70-90 minutes

b. Intermediate – 90-110

c. Beginner –110-130+

6. Space – nothing fancy, small plot of land ideally with a wall or rebounding surface (if you don’t have a partner). I’ve done this in my basement, garage, and backyard. The surface doesn’t matter either. Just find a safe place to train (grass/turf or pavement)

7. Equipment – ball, cones (optional), watch, pen/paper

8. Be accountable. If it’s too much at first, stop and rest. Break up the workout into smaller chunks. For example, do half the workout early in the day, finish the rest later on.

9. Modify it for the conditions – don’t focus on what you’re already proficient at

10. Take breaks – this is as much a fitness workout as it is a technical workout

11. Progression – combine skills to double/triple the touches per round. For example, 10 pendulums + 10 V-Turns = approx. 40 touches.


A. Build a foundation of technique/skills
B. Be consistent/accountable
C. Increase proficiency and confidence
D. Plan your workout, tally the reps/rounds/sets

Note: This workout is supplemental training. It does not replace match play or regular group training sessions.

10,000 Touches – Workout Variation III

Stationary pendulums (knock ball between feet); sets of 10X100; 1,000 touches

Rotate 180, 360-degrees as you improve

Adv. Perform pendulums forward, backward, laterally if possible

Step-touches – Essentially a light/fast jog with ball, touch ball every step. Ideally, 1,500 steps = 1,000 touches

Juggle – sets of 10×100 = 1,000 (advanced); 20×50 =1,000 (intermediate); 1,000 touches

V-turns – For this move, the path of the ball follows a V shape. This starts by doing a fake kick, then doing a drag-back of the ball stopping in front of your body, then pushing the ball forward on the opposite side of your body.  500 each foot = 2,000 touches

Cruyff Turns – sets of 4×25 (2 with right foot, 2 with left foot). Repeat circuit 5 times.; 500 touches

Wall/partner passes – 1-touch vs. wall or with partner (8 yards); Sets:  10X100 alternate L/R = 1,000 touches

2-touch (receive + pass): 10X200; 2,000 touches

Sole touches – roll ball using bottom of foot. 250 each foot; 500 touches

180-degree turn – 500 touches (250 each foot)

Juggle – 500 touches

10,000 touches

Record Date/Time:

Training Notes/Comments:

10,000 Touches Workout Variation III

1000 juggles (10 sets of 100)

1000 passes (500 each foot) w/ wall or partner

500 toe touches

500 pendulums

500 Cruyff turns (250 each foot)

500 speed touches

1000 touches w/ only bottom of foot

1000 passes w/ partner or wall

500 juggles alone

500 juggles w/ partner(s) (alone if you don’t have a partner)

250 touches right foot only

250 touches left foot only

500 drag­backs (250 each foot)

1000 juggles

1000 passes w/ partner or wall (500 each foot)

10,000 touches


2 thoughts on “10,000 Touches a Day”

  1. This is excellent! Thank you for taking the time to write this down. I have a question. At what age do you feel a player should start to do 10,000 touches a day, every day?

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