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Dare Liverpool Dream?

Dare Liverpool Dream

By: Jon Townsend



Dare Liverpool dream? If they do, it is of a glimmer of hope, to taste the forbidden fruits of a team’s labors this season as they challenge for the league title the likes of which supporters of Liverpool Football Club have not tasted since the 1989-1990 season. Sure, Anfield’s faithful and the club’s global following of supporters tasted a sip of success in 2005 in Istanbul with a Champions League medal. Several FA Cups, a UEFA Cup (and Super Cup), a few League Cups, and two Charity Shield victories since that last championship campaign have reminded Britain there was indeed some fight and pride left in this gravity-bound goliath.

Come what may, this Liverpool team is an enigma of meticulous and masterful attacking football. Could this be the season that Liverpool Football Club once again sips from the goblet reserved for the champions? Of course, anything could happen, but Liverpool under the ownership of FSG and leadership of Brendan Rodgers suggests that winning the title should happen. This Liverpool side has mauled Manchester United, trounced Tottenham Hotspur away, assailed Arsenal at home and eviscerated Everton by way of a display of attacking prowess that has shown it simply will not be denied in the second half of the season.

There are at least four title contenders this year and none will admit they are favorites—but they are all capable and culpable characterizations of teams on the ascent. Arsenal is starving for a piece of silverware and may yet find their trophy drought come to an end this year. Chelsea is both a cunning and capable force ready to reclaim the title for the first time since the 2009-2010 campaign. The marauding force that is Manchester City has more than enough firepower to stake a claim at the title, and like Chelsea, will aim to prove that money can indeed buy happiness. Then there is Liverpool—the side sans European football. The only side in the aforementioned group without a Premier League title to its name. The sleeping giants of English football who are stalking and salivating at the chance to lift the Premier League trophy for the first time could just control their destiny in this date with fate.

Dare Liverpool dream? Perhaps what is most striking about this year’s side is that they are peaking at the right time, but also—they keep getting better. Their surging and searing attacking runs combined with a tactically disciplined midfield has seen Liverpool absolutely suffocate sides in 2014. Like all great warriors—and I reference not their kit sponsor although it does fit (pardon the double pun)—Liverpool has a weakness. Their Achilles’ heel is the defensive frailties that could scuttle the title tilt. What makes a Mourinho-managed Chelsea great is their consistency in suffocating results against other top sides. Manchester City is powerful in all the right spots and like Chelsea, can win by playing poorly. When Liverpool lost to both Chelsea and Manchester City, it was by a one-goal margin and notwithstanding of some shoddy officiating. Where a penalty shout goes ignored or an offside call is highlighted, Liverpool simply cannot afford to rely on such fortunes and misfortunes.

Dare Liverpool dream? This Liverpool side is not the Liverpool side that began the campaign. This Liverpool side smells blood, and like an able and elegant prizefighter, it will deliver pinpoint and damaging attacks on the opponents’ vital organs while deflecting and trying to defend its own deficiencies. The whole season’s impetus hinged upon securing Champions League football—and it looks like Liverpool will secure a top-four finish. If the stars on the pitch and in the night skies align, it may not be as prudent as is the norm for Liverpool to think, Why not us? Whatever happens, however this campaign plays out, Liverpool Football Club is primed and ready to challenge for the title for many years to come. Dare Liverpool dream? Perhaps that dream has a glimmer of hope to become a reality as the goliath of English football has awakened from its slumbers and is ready to fight for its place atop the mountain.


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